NFL Expanding to an 18 Game Season?

How this will affect the Sport Industry from a Public Relations Standpoint

Courtesy Photo

The National Football League has always had a problem drawing in viewers for their pre-season games. However, teams have always needed these games to prepare themselves and figure out who works where. But all of the normal pre-season things that any team goes through do not lead to high profits for the NFL.

It has been proposed that the NFL go into an 18 game season. As a fan, I would love to see two more football games that actually mean something. As a player in a long season, I would hate having to get beat up for an extra two weeks and would beg for another bye week. As a PR pro, I love this decision.

This is a great way for the NFL to build its sponsorship and get its ratings up during the pre-season. The NFL would also be better able to regulate the beginning of the year. The pre-season loses a lot of viewers because the games are all scheduled on random nights at random times. Many small market stadiums are half full during the pre-season. By adding another two meaningful games it also offers an opportunity to boost many of the small market teams that are currently struggling and are in black out.

Many cities are in danger of losing their franchises due to a lack of good PR work and a lack of interest in the team. This happens because teams are not good enough, and cities are not getting involved with their team. Promoting the extra games offers an opportunity for franchises to reconnect with their communities. This may revitalize some of those smaller market teams.

Broadcasting stations will also be able to start selling their ad spaces at regular season prices earlier. This will generate more revenue for television stations that broadcast NFL games. This may also attract sponsors that the NFL was unable to attract before knowing there are two more weeks that fans will be watching games and seeing their banners.

This move by the NFL from a PR standpoint is a great way to boost the league!

Always remember: Know who you’re targeting and find a way to make them talk about your client.


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