Top Celebrities Are Dead

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Wondering where your favorite celebs have been the last few days? It may be difficult to check in on the digital lives of Kim Kardashian, Usher, Ryan Seacrest or Jay Sean. Top celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Lady GaGa have become ‘digitally dead’ for a cause: AIDS awareness and raising money for Alicia Keys’ charity, Keep A Child Alive.

In honor of World AIDS Day, on Dec. 1, Alicia Keys asked celebrities to disconnect from the social media world, deeming themselves ‘digitally dead.’ The campaign enlisted the help of top celebrities in hopes to raise $1 million towards a cure for AIDS. “I’ve decided to sacrifice my digital life in order to give real life to the millions of people affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India,” Keys said in her last tweet. The campaign began at 12 a.m. Wednesday and asked fans to donate money to ‘buy back’ the digital lives of the celebrities.

Celebrities posted their last tweets Tuesday night declaring themselves ‘digitally dead’ with videos and pictures featuring them in coffins, emphasizing the death of their social media lives. Their tweets urged fans to begin donating immediately to ‘buy back’ their lives. Donations started at $10 and could be made online or via text message.

After the first twenty-four hours fans raised $100,000. The campaign continues with celebrities remaining ‘digitally dead’ to the outside world. No one anticipated that the campaign would last this long. Concerns have been raised about the length of time it will realistically take to raise $1 million. Celebrities are keeping with their vows to stay silent, but for how long?

Keep up with the progress of the Digital Death campaign at


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