Ten Low Budget Ways to Relieve Stress

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Who else is relieved that this semester is over? I know I am. Group projects, studying for hours, catching up on homework, listening to your professors go on and on—what a drag. And then there is the anticipation of waiting to find out your grades. Stressing over exams, papers, and that final grade is never fun. But now winter break is upon us which means we can all relax. The month in between semesters is something I cherish.

Usually I travel around the country but it looks like the economy will be keeping me captive here on the North Shore. So while driving on the snowy road, 2 of our E-Board members and I came up with 10 low budget ways to relieve stress. (Listed below in no specific order)

1. Take a hot shower. A hot shower will relax the muscles, taking away all of the tension, and allowing you to take a breather.

2. Read your favorite book. Escape into the story, become a part of it, and forget about your worries for those few hours.

3. SCREAM at the top of your lungs. Most of the time your stress is due to frustration, screaming allows you to let it all out—the louder the better.

4. Have a good cry. Again, sometimes you are just so aggravated that you want to just cry and we say, DO IT! Like screaming, it allows you to let it all out.

5. Down time. Cuddle up on your bed or on your couch with a Snuggie and just catch up on your favorite shows or watch your all time favorite movies.

6. Retail therapy is one of my top ways of relieving stress. I’m not saying you go on a shopping spree but do get yourself something nice, it doesn’t have to be expensive but it does have to be for you.

7. Take a nice long nap. I know our President, Treasurer, and Webmaster love their naps, and always feel refreshed after one.

8. Exercise. Pump that iron and beat that treadmill to the end. Sweat out your worries and then go back to number one.

9. Clean and organize your room, car, school binder, closet, etc. Take the time to rearrange your room. Vacuum those dust bunnies from the hidden temples in your room and kick out the Boogie Man from under the bed.

10. Listen to music. Blast some of your favorite songs—sing along and dance around like no one is watching.

Hope that this list comes in handy during the winter break, leaving you refreshed and relaxed to take on the spring semester. Happy Holidays!


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