I am a PR Pro and I Look the Part!

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Now that I have given you some tools to run a good campaign, I’d like to share with you some ways to look good doing it. Am I saying go out and buy yourself a new pair of designer Oakley sunglasses? No. Do I own a pair? Yes. Do I look good in them? You know I do!

The million-dollar question is, are designer labels worth it?

Men, designer suits are expensive, especially on a college student’s budget. So are they worth the money? Not really! There are many great stores that sell suits for reasonable prices, and still help you look the part. Men’s Warehouse and Kohl’s are just a couple of stores that offer affordable fashion. Another is Joseph A Bank, which is currently offering suits at 3 for the price of 1. So what should you look for when buying a suit? Keep your suit colors subtle—stick with black, grey and beige. Let your shirts and ties bring out the color of your ensemble.

Once you have your suit coat and pants picked out that’s when the fun starts. The shirt is a chance to add color to your outfit. Try to find a shirt that lets you wear a flashy tie. The only piece of a suit that is worth you really sinking your money into is the tie. The tie tells a lot about a person, it is a way of expressing yourself. So find a tie that attracts positive attention. You want everyone you are working with to compliment your tie, make them want to go out and buy that tie. But don’t forget your do’s and don’ts. For instance, never wear horizontal stripes with vertical stripes. As a general rule of thumb, stay away from striped shirts at all costs.

Now, what type of shoes should you purchase? Find something Italian and try to match your shoes to your suit. Get brown shoes for your beige suit and black shoes for your gray and black suits. I suggest you got to Marshalls or Burlington Coat Factory, which also happen to have women’s professional attire. You probably thought I forgot about you ladies.

When it comes to women’s professional attire the rules are pretty much the same, at least when it comes to pant suits—minus the tie of course. Instead of a tie, look for accessories to both add color and personality to your ensemble. A nice necklace, earrings, broache, bracelet, ring, scarf, or even a purse can completely change an outfit and add life to it. But the ultimate accessory is footwear. The right pair of heels can empower a woman, while adding that bit of sass. So if you are looking to sink your money into one piece of the outfit that would be your shoes.

As women, you have the advantage of not being tied down to just wearing pant suits. You have options, which come in the form of dresses, skirts, and capris. When purchasing any of these items, length is very important. The length of your skirt or dress must be appropriate for the workplace; ideally it should sit right at the knee. Now you may be thinking, these options are no good during winter. Well that’s where you would be wrong.

Tights are no longer used as just an extra layer between the cold and your bare legs. Now they are also a key part of an ensemble. They come in different styles, colors, and fabrics. But for the workplace your best bet is going with sheer tights in the basic colors—black, brown, or nude. As you would with your key pieces, because when it comes to professional attire, it is the accessories that add the color.

But an above all rule is maintenance, which is key when it comes to your professional attire. Take care of your clothes, particularly suits. Have them pressed, dry cleaned, or ironed as necessary. And always have a clean professional outfit pressed and ready to go in your closet just in case you are caught off guard with an impromptu interview or meeting.

Always Remember: Know who you’re targeting and find a way to make them talk about your client.


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