Journals of a Webmaster

Dear Readers,

We would like to branch out from our regular posts about PR, and this being our first blog of 2011 we felt it was the perfect time to do so. There are many things that I have always wanted to do but have never actually done. Yesterday, I decided to branch out from the normal and go skiing! Being a lacrosse player my favorite seasons have always been spring and summer. I live in New England so naturally I like snow but only around Christmas. I decided to change that and make snow great all winter long.

I do not own any ski equipment and found a local mountain that had a package of skis, a lift pass and an hour private lesson for only $100. If you find an offer like that for such an expensive sport, take advantage. After I had my equipment I then found my instructor who actually had to help me put the equipment on, as I had trouble with it.

Now that I was on my skis, it was time for my lesson. The instructor brought me out to the course and ran through the basics of skiing­—wedging, turning, stopping and staying up. I managed to pick it up rather quickly and was then brought over to the little learning slope. Here is where things became more difficult, as I was instructed to put all of my new skills into action. On my first run down I did stand up but also proceeded to crash into the barricade. On the second run I fell on my back and lied there for a couple of minutes. In this case, third time really was the charm because I got it done and was ready for the chair lift and the big slopes. My instructor told me that he only usually brings 7 people a season up on the chair lift, and I was the first of the season.

Heading up the chair lift might have been one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life. The mountain I was on was small compared to other mountains in New England but looking down at the rough terrain caused by a New England winter it was still a scary experience. On my way up I learned that skiers in New England, particularly in Massachusetts, primarily ski on ice because after most storms it rains. So if you can ski here you can ski anywhere. We went slowly on my run down the trail and I made it down in one piece. However my lesson was over and I had the pass for the rest of the day and that’s when things got interesting.

I will only talk about three runs here. One run I gained way too much speed and fell down and suffered my first yard sale. For those of you who may not know, a yard sale is when you fall and all your equipment pops off. I went right over the top of my skis and they popped right off and I was left struggling to put them back on and make it down the rest of the mountain. The second run I once again had a yard sale. I was left with one ski on, I managed to get the other on but as I did the other popped off. I was once again left with one ski and now I was sliding. I slid down the mountain on one ski hoping my other would follow. Bad news for me, the other ski didn’t follow and I had to hike my way up the mountain on one ski to get it. I cannot stress how difficult this was. I finally managed it and made it down the trail.

At the end of the trail is the chair lift and some cabins. In between these two places is snow and a parking lot. As I was heading to the bottom of the trail without really falling, I got ahead of myself and bombed down to the end right in between the chair lift and cabins. I managed to slide and stop before crossing the pavement. It was truly the funniest moment of the day.

Other interesting moments: skiing into the wrong trail, almost killing multiple people with the poles, almost missing the chair lift, almost crashing into a little kid, watching kids a third my age ski better than me and last but not least the gorgeous girl at the rental desk.

My always remember section is some PR advice that I would like for you to remember, but I have some different advice this time. And that is, do something you have never done, live in the moment, live for surprise, and help out a stranger. Who knows, maybe your life will change in the process.





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