From Angry Birds to Angry Students

Everyone has their favorite apps for their smart phone and soon one of your favorites will be joining your list of must watch television shows. I know what you’re thinking, which app and why should I care? You would probably guess a fun cartoon type app or a news app. What if I was to tell you it is actually the app you use when you want to escape from your to-do list? Now I am sure you know which app I am talking about.

Photo courtesy of Google Image Search

According to (the best trending website—check it out if you haven’t already) the hit game app Angry Birds will now become an animated series. The maker of the game is a company called Rovio. Their CEO, Mikael Hed said “We have been looking at that for quite a while, and that is definitely one of my personal big focus areas right now – to work on broadcast content for Angry Birds,” in an interview with British TV entertainment website

The game has taken on a life of its own with a desktop version available on the App Store for Macs, making it so you can play on a much larger screen. The game is also soon coming to Xbox, Wii and PS3. Mattel, the company behind Barbie and Hot Wheels, has taken it one step further and started developing a board game for the app.

Photo courtesy of Google Image Search

The whole concept of Angry Birds is to sling shot small birds at structures hoisting large green birds in the air. The objective is to destroy the structure and ultimately destroy the large green birds. It is a great app to pass time in any way possible.

Details of the show have not been released yet.



Dear Salem State Administration,

Due to construction, this is an especially difficult semester to find parking on campus and the accumulating snowfall does not make things easier. So when it snowed Thursday night and into Friday, most of the Salem State community was under the impression that classes would be cancelled. While we understand that there are many factors to take into consideration when making this decision, as the ones that have to make the commute, we would have hoped we were one of those factors. But instead we had class and risked our safety to get to them.

And while we appreciate you taking the time to write out an email, sending out an email citing “the variability of New England weather” as the reason why you didn’t cancel classes does NOT make commuters magically have 4WD cars or make the parking lots perfectly plowed. All we ask is that next time you consider your students and not just “variable New England weather.”

I hope that this helps you when the circumstance presents itself again. I hear tomorrow is going to be beautiful…hint hint.



Always Remember: Know who you’re targeting and find a way to make them talk about your client.

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