Journals of a Webmaster

Dear Readers,

I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news: the Salem State University Public Relations Student Society of America has officially lost its mind. The good news: for the rest of the academic year the webmaster, on the first of the month, will be given a free pass to blog about whatever they please. Although this is the first blog post of the month, I would like to first talk about the amazing opportunity our chapter had this past week.

Through connections, our chapter was able to sit down and have breakfast with Shelia Leyne, Director of Public Relations at Mullen—a modern full-service advertising agency in Boston. And let me tell you, it was worth waking up early to be at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem by 8 a.m.

Our members were able to learn about the internship program at Mullen as well as many aspects about how to get hired at such a prestigious agency. According to Leyne, Mullen has a DNA that is set to build creativity and there is a place for everyone in the organization. It’s all about the spark you can bring to the table.

Mullen’s internship program is a paid one, with a pay rate of $10 an hour. Interns will work a 35-40 hour week in small groups put in specific departments. They will be expected to put together campaigns and present to clients. At an agency as prestigious as Mullen it is important to remember that because of the volume of applicants they may stop accepting applications a month before the cut off date. Prepare your applications early and be the early bird to catch the worm!

There was a large emphasis on social media and trending in the digital world. Agencies like Mullen are looking at applicants that are well versed in the new digital trends. They also are looking for people who know their website analytics. The PR world now has a major focus on analytics and other means of tracking website views.

PR has moved from traditional to more of a digital sense where we found out that everyone at Mullen has ear buds in with multiple screens in front of them throughout the day. The room so quiet you can hear a pin drop. The hustle and bustle of PR has become digital and solely based on email and other means of electronic communication.

All right readers, I know you missed my rants about something interesting that happened in my life and wish you could learn more about me! I will honor your requests and give you a paragraph of what you really want.

I will quickly highlight everyone’s favorite subject: the ridiculous amount of snow that seems to like to grace us with its presence. I spent my snow day in the Salem State student lot digging people’s cars out, exactly what I wanted to do with my snow day. We are supposed to get one more major storm this week so fingers crossed we will have a snow day!

Always Remember: Keep a shovel in your trunk in case you get stuck.




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