Advertisement Rodeo in Big-D

The biggest game of the year comes with the most costly TV spots in the world. As this year’s Super Bowl did not catch this sports fan’s interest, it did catch my marketing and public relations interest. This year’s commercials may have not been as surprising and interesting as in the past years, however some major corporations killed it. Chevrolet, Bud Light, Doritos, and Volkswagen all had very creative advertisements. Eminem, the one celebrity we never thought we’d see as a spokesman, even made appearances—one of them a very moving advertisement. Chrysler was able to pull Eminem for the longest and most expensive commercial in the history of the Super Bowl.

While on the subject of Chrysler’s ad, this discussed the progression of Detroit and the power of the city. The advertisement highlighted the fact that Detroit has “been through hell and back.” The question is posed at the beginning of the ad: “What does Detroit know about luxury?” However, according to Eminem, they know a lot about luxury. This commercial was moving and tugged heartstrings and to be honest was worth every penny spent. Check it out for yourself:

Bud Light, impressive as usual, had many creative ideas including the disappearing fridge. This year, they have taken their advertisements to a whole new place with the party animal theme shown in the commercial with the young man dog sitting with a fridge full of Bud Light. The rest I am sure you can figure out on your own. They also expanded their audience with the commercial about redecorating your kitchen with Bud Light—an advertisement that played on women’s need to redecorate. These advertising strategies were very well thought out. Check out our favorite party dogs:

Chevrolet played their advertising strategy intelligently. They wanted to show that even after the bail out and troubles of the auto industry, they were still a titan in the industry. Chevy was able to play to a green audience in the Super Bowl with their introduction of their electric car. The commercial was quite flashy but had a major impact on your environmentally friendly viewer (the girl sitting next to me during the game). Chevrolet was also able to appeal to a media savvy audience with their new cars featuring the ability to go on Facebook. I know after I take girls on dates they type on their walls “Best first date ever.” But wouldn’t you love to find that out in the car rather than when you get home? I know I would. However, I am so good they usually text me during the drive home—my twitter handle is on the contact info page, hit me up ladies. I digress, Chevrolet really did a great job showing they are environmentally conscious but also they are up to date with technology and beat out the competitors. Check out the all new Chevy Cruz:

Doritos covered themselves producing many Super Bowl ads, as to be expected. They may have outdone themselves with the concept of Doritos bringing things back to life including your dead grandfather that sits on the mantel above the fireplace. This commercial stood out in the minds of many students as discussed in most of the Communications classes at Salem State. Check out your grandfather brought back from the dead here: 

Volkswagen, oh what can I say about the Volkswagen advertisement. All I can say is I know when I was a kid I wished I could use the force. It was a great ad that brought back nostalgic things to put their product out there. It was something everyone could associate with. The whole time you also wondered what the commercial was about, and they really kept us waiting with interesting material. Bravo to Volkswagen for producing this year’s best! Check out little Vader here: 

As we all know we could analyze every commercial in the Super Bowl, and I am witty enough to keep you interested the whole entire time, but that probably won’t work! So let me list out a couple of other popular commercials:

P. Diddy and Mercedes:

This next advertisement does deserve a little bit of a description. I cannot stand Justin Bieber and to have Ozzy beg the question: “What is a Bieber?” and have Bieber himself say “I don’t know it kind of looks like a girl!” was great. I must say I am glad he realizes he looks like a girl. Hopefully they will get him off TV soon! Good work Best Buy for making my night with this one. Check out the Beebs:

This year did feature some great strategies and saw the revitalization of the car industry’s advertising budget. Automakers came back in full force for this Super Bowl and really left their mark! Oh, and the game wasn’t bad either!

Always Remember: Know who you’re targeting and find a way to make them talk about your client.


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