Clean Up your Social Image

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A recent article on described a new social media service.

Ever wonder how offensive your Facebook profile is?  Socioclean is a free service that monitors all major social networking sites and alerts you when it finds something inappropriate.  Socioclean scans your Facebook profile photos, groups, and wall posts for any material that may harm your social reputation.  Currently Socioclean only supports Facebook but it is in the process of adding other social networking sites as well.

The idea for Socioclean came from a study for  In the study, 45% of employers that were questioned had used social networks to screen job candidates.  Thirty-five percent of those employers did not hire a candidate because of what they found on social networking sites.  Priyanshu Harshavat, Founder of Socioclean, saw this study and thought about a way potential job candidates could clean up their social profiles—Socioclean was the answer.

Socioclean will only scan postings, status messages, and photos that other people are able to view.  It will not scan your

email inbox or any other private areas nor will it sell or give out any information to a third party. The user can choose to keep or delete the inappropriate content found, Socioclean will not auto-delete any content.

Courtesy Photo

Upon learning about Socioclean, I decided to use it myself and boy was I surprised. I considered my profile to be relatively clean and expected to receive at least a “B” on my profile, which was not the case. As I looked through each area of my profile that socioclean had found I realized just how much your friends influence your image to potential employers.

Socioclean scanned my entire profile, going back to 2008. And while at the time, a simple comment from a friend may not have been deemed inappropriate, it’s probably time it be deleted. And that is exactly what I did.

How clean is your social image?

For more information regarding Socioclean, visit


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