A Different Kind of Spring Break

Courtesy Photo

Looking to do something different this spring break? The allure of the beach and booze is beginning to lose its charm. Many college students are skipping the tropical getaways and turning to the new trend: alternative spring breaks.

Alternative spring breaks are for students interested in community service work as well as working in groups. This may consist of rebuilding communities, helping school children, supplying water in Africa, and so much more. Alternative spring breaks are becoming more popular, not only because of the benefits they provide for those in need, but the friendships and experiences the students take away.

Programs such as Global Vision International (GVI) offer ideas for service projects ranging from local day projects, to international internships. According to the website gviusa.com, the mission of the organization is to provide students with opportunities to help other individuals and organizations. GVI and other organizations are urging students to explore the types of service projects available. Students are encouraged to choose projects they are interested in or go along with their academic interests. In addition to helping others in an experience of a lifetime, students are finding that alternative spring breaks are benefiting their resumes as well.

Still think you can’t give up your tan for community service? There are projects offered all over the world. Some of the most popular destinations are Central America, South America, Africa and Australia. You can feel good about the work you do while exploring new countries, immersing yourself in new cultures, and still maintaining a golden tan.

More information on alternative spring breaks is available at gviusa.com or at studentuniverse.com. Get out and explore!


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