NBC Offers a Voice to its Viewers

Everyone and their mother knows about American Idol and has probably seen at least a few episodes of this top rated show, but now there is a new show in town. NBC’s The Voice opened and closed its first season with a bang. And the celebrity coaches, flashy stage, and outrageous decorations may just be the cause of The Voice’s show stardom.

The show is grabbing attention not only because of its style, but also the unusual form of voting. In addition to being able to vote for their favorite performer via texts and online, the audience can also buy the performer’s song on iTunes. This technique is a great success. All of the 4 finalists ended up in the Top 100 on iTunes; several even made it to #1 in their genre.

The Voice has brought originality to the reality show genre. Everything from the artist selection process, coaching, and special guests proves that this show is bringing new life to reality television. Another special aspect of The Voice is the communication viewers can have with the artists and coaches. From the first episode the show has pushed all viewers to use Twitter to get more information. As well as mentioning The Voice hashtag, there are also Tweets from coaches, performers and viewers appearing throughout the show on the bottom of the screen. NBC has even given The Voice its own social media room where an additional host hangs out with the contestants before and after their performances. In this room all the artists respond to Tweets from fans and follow the show’s Twitter trends. This show stepped out of the box by having audiences do something other than just “Like” the show’s Facebook page.

NBC is trying very hard to make their show accessible to all their viewers, and it’s working. By letting the audience communicate with the coaches and artists everyone feels connected.  The Voice had a smashing first season and is already in production for the next, which is due to air early next year. We can only hope that the second season will be as exciting and well connected as the first.


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