No More Waiting in Line at the Bookstore!

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Forget about emptying your wallets, waiting in endless lines and buying books you may never need at the campus bookstore this September. How, you may ask, is this possible? With new technology of course.

Innovators in the e-reader market,, recently partnered with Pearson textbook publishers to provide students with the opportunity to download textbooks instantly on almost any handheld device. Not only does this mean no more hours wasted at the bookstore, but it means no more lugging books across campus, or useless books piling up in your already over crowded dorm room.

Are you more of a renter then a buyer? Many e-reader textbooks are also changing the way students rent their books as well. Instead of renting a used book and rushing to return it at the end of the semester, rent books for only the time you need them. Whether it be a month or a full year, the book is in your hands when you need it.

E-reader textbooks are currently available to the Kindle, Knook, iPad, Mac, PC, Android and Blackberry users. And as of Wednesday a new platform is said to change digital textbooks for more interactive learning.

On August 3, up and coming digital textbook company Inkling announced they have received $17 million in funding for an interactive textbook system. With brand name competitors such as Amazon and Apple many are asking what is so great about Inkling’s promise for more digital textbooks.

Inkling is promising to change the face of digital textbooks. By reconstructing textbooks from the ground up with innovative features like 3D modes, interactive text, quizzes, music and more, Inkling wants students to become involved in their studying. Many books already exist on Inkling’s iPad app, and there are many more to come. Specifically, an architecture digital text coming this fall, that allows students to view famous buildings in rotating 3D.

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Inkling also offers another feature that is new to the digital textbook market, purchasing or renting only sections of a textbook. Inkling offers one free chapter within every digital textbook, as well as, renting or buying chapters as you need them. With the new funding in their hands, Inkling is promising many more interactive features to help students study and learn as efficiently as possible.

With so many digital textbook options it may be difficult to choose which platform provides the textbook and study help you need. breaks down the different digital resources to help students decide which would work for them.

So skip the bookstore this semester, spend time catching up with friends, moving in to your new dorm or apartment and enjoy the start of school the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


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