Carrie Mahoney’s Conference Experience

Carrie Mahoney (center) on the first day of the PRSSA 2011 National Conference.

Orlando, wow what a whirlwind. Let me start by saying this trip was incredible; not just because it was almost completely free but because we were surrounded by over a thousand students with the same interests. They were all outgoing, charismatic and fun people looking to make some friends and have a good time.

My experience at the PRSSA 2011 National Conference also gave me a huge boost. My junior year has gotten off to a rough start. With no motivation to go to any of my classes let alone do the work I wasn’t exactly looking forward to five days of PR boot camp. As it turns out that was just what I needed.

Conference was an inspirational experience. Hearing and talking to titans in the field of public relations was inspiring. They shared their knowledge, experiences and expertise with us, encouraging us to go on and discover something that we are passionate about. However, it wasn’t just the “adults” that were incredible. Being surrounded by other students was encouraging. Meeting people my age that are so driving and motivated, motivated me to do better and be better. Seeing what they are doing in order to set themselves apart stirred my competitive side and made me want to push myself professionally.

Carrie Mahoney with Bob Marley at City Walk.

I came back to Salem with a renewed energy. I am excited about public relations again and all the possibilities there are in this field. I now remember why I wanted to do this. Being able to work in any industry, anywhere in the world is an idea that I loved and now I know that it is truly a possibility.

The PRSSA 2011 National Conference was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go to San Francisco next year!


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