Restoring NBA’s Image After Lockout

Courtesy Photo.

I’ve never been a huge basketball fan. Needless to say when I heard about the NBA lockout I was not heartbroken. In fact, I was glad that the owners held out as long as they did. How much money do these players really need? I guess millions of dollars weren’t enough.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I do sympathize for some people caught in the lockout crisis, but not the NBA players.  Other people were affected by this lockout fiasco, including fans, workers, and businesses that depend on games being played.  The lockout has left many fans feeling angry and disappointed, which is going to make it that much harder for the NBA to win back their trust and restore its severed image in order to get fans back in the bleachers. The question is, how?

In an article in PRNewser, Ashley McCown, president of Solomon McCown & Co. in Boston, suggested a three-point system for the NBA to restore its image.  First and foremost, the NBA needs to apologize to employees including concessionaires and parking attendants that lost valuable hours and paychecks due to the games being cut.  As well as the other parts of the community, such as local bars and restaurants, that suffered due to the lockout. In general, the NBA owes a sincere apology to its fans, employees and the community.  Secondly, the NBA should compensate the affected employees.  For example, teams could create an assistance fund to help those workers that were most severely impacted. Thirdly, get the games rolling as soon as possible.  The sooner the games start, the sooner the NBA can work on restoring its image and regaining the trust of its fans.

I agree with Ashley McCown’s recommendations. The NBA needs to apologize to those affected by the lockout, compensate employees who lost valuable paychecks and get the games rolling as soon as possible. However, I have some other ideas on how the NBA could improve their image after the lockout. One thing they can do is host worker appreciation games, where the proceeds of the games go towards paying back the affected employees. Similarly, the NBA could start customer appreciation efforts, which could include giving dedicated fans box seats for a game. By doing these things, the NBA will show the community that it still cares for its fans and employees, and that they will continue to do so in the future.

If you have any other ideas for how the NBA should move forward after the lockout, feel free to share your comments below.

To view the full article in PRNewser, please click here.


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