New Year. New Attitude

The holidays are all about family, giving thanks and appreciating the wonderful things in life. Although the holidays are behind us, our cheerful spirit shouldn’t pass as the days on the calendar do.  A great place to start being cheerful is the workplace. 

 The worst workday can start with just one negative co-worker.  Picture a Monday morning: as soon as you walk in the door you see someone you work with and ask how their weekend was, perhaps they start complaining or say it was awful and don’t ask about yours.  After hearing this, you can unknowingly become a victim of a negative mindset.  Thereby setting your whole day awry. 

However, brushing your co-workers comments off and making it a point to stay positive and saying something like “Your (strong attribute here), I know you’ll figure out a way to turn (situation) into something good” can not only uplift the distressed co-workers spirit but it will also make you feel good about yourself for helping them!



The simplest way to help others is to be kind to them.  A job in public relations is all about maintaining relationships with people, and with kindness and positivity comes confidence.  When meeting with potential clients, they will appreciate the sincerity in your attitude and remember your meeting simply because it was a pleasant experience. 

Whether it’s working with staff below you or developing a company’s image, a positive mindset will show in your work. Positive reinforcement will make your staff feel special and work hard for you.  While maintaining a healthy company image will bring in clients and people that want to work in a positive environment, creating a chain reaction of positive changes, attitudes and feedback.  This in turn will reduce “sick days” and work that isn’t up to par. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or a starting member, your smile and positive attitude will become contagious to those around you.  This holiday season make it a point to spread cheer all year and at the end of the day know that it all started with you; that’s a pretty amazing gift in itself!




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