10 Ways You Know That You’re A PR Expert

Let’s face it every college major thinks they are the best. Accounting majors brag that they control the cash, education majors boast that they train future leaders and art majors are convinced that they are the unbridled free thinkers. But let’s be real when it comes down to it no one can compete with PR gurus. In order to separate the true public relation pros from the PR faux, I have complied a list of 10 ways that you know you are public relations expert and you are proud of every single one of them.


  1. Stalking is completely acceptable. Sure many states have laws about following people and knowing intimate details about their life but in public relations it is pretty much a requirement. We need to know what is happening with the people around us. It allows us to be better in tune with trends and changes in our world. Also it helps to know where your future boss lives in case you want to plan a run around his/her neighborhood.
  2. Being a know-it-all is a desirable trait. In elementary school it was bad to be that annoying kid with all the answers and always saying, “My dad says…” but now you are the champ. Knowing a little bit about everything is not enough in public relations, you need to know a lot about a lot.
  3. You answer business calls on personal time. As far as we know there is no such thing as personal time. Company’s collapse, news breaks and videos surface outside of the 9 to 5 slot and you need to be ready. So if that means answering a call on your 21st birthday outside of a bar with a tiara on your head then that’s what you do.
  4. You have a love-hate relationship with journalists. Whether we like it or not we need journalists; it’s a tough fact of public relations. So yes we get super excited every time we meet a journalist or even future journalist because it means that we might have an in the next time we pitch a story.
  5. You have ridiculous amounts of friends. People may say that you can’t possibly be friends with all of your “friends” on Facebook but guess what you know every single one of those 1,132 people and you dare someone to test you.
  6. Your OCDs are your strengths not weaknesses. It might drive your roommates crazy that you need to color coordinate the dish towels or set the TV volume at certain levels every time but guess what it works for you. This  makes you great at organization and allows you to switch from task to task without confusion.
  7. You never say no. Teachers always say that can’t is not acceptable but in a PR mind “no” is the bad word. We always say yes, even when there is no time, no energy and no way. Work on the weekends, absolutely, put in more hours at your unpaid internship, of course, write a couple blogs during finals week, why not. We can’t say no; otherwise our heads might explode.
  8. Multi-tasking is the norm. Your parents may wonder how you can write a paper and watch Grey’s Anatomy at the same time without getting distracted but you are still trying to figure out how they read a book in a silent room. Multi-tasking is a way of life not a focusing problem. You can concentrate on one thing at a time but why would you when you could be solving 10 problems at once.
  9. You can talk your way out of anything. Sometimes honesty is the best policy but why not just bend the truth. PR isn’t about spinning the facts it’s about changing your perspective. You are always that person that friends call when they just don’t know how to approach a paper and you can talk your professor into changing the final exam to a final presentation any day of the week.  You may not always know the most about a topic but you can talk circles around someone until they are convinced that you do.
  10. You spend more time checking your social networking sites than you do on homework. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t good in school this just means that it literally takes you longer to go through your 10 different social accounts and be active then it does to write that 15 page paper on media impacts on teens. We have to know how to utilize all of these tools so if that means having a Facebook, a Twitter, a LinkedIn, a foursquare, a Yelp!, a Tumblr, a Stumbleupon, a Pinterest, and a Google+ account then that is what you gotta do. Sorry world lit professor.

So stand up proud PR majors don’t feel like a loser because you can’t stop talking about work on your free time and don’t feel embarrassed about the number of people you say hi to on campus every day; these are all the things that make you a success in PR. And to all those other majors who scoff and look down at us all I have to say to you is, don’t hate cause you ain’t!


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