Recap: The Most Memorable Ads from Super Bowl XLVI

By Ellory Jacobs, VP of Chapter Development

The Super Bowl, a time for family, friends, fans, and rivals to all come together and enjoy American sports. And more importantly, the commercials! Although, this year’s match up proved a tough loss again for the Patriots, it was a great day for top advertisers and social media outlets. Name brands like Volkswagen and H&M not only wowed viewers with clever and eye catching images, but hashtags, Facebook pages and smart phone apps as well.

What does this mean in the name of advertising? This integrated marketing and communications tactic enables fans to promote, review and comment on products in real time. With Web2.0 technologies changing the way users interact online, advertisers have jumped on the bandwagon, and with great success.

Effectively representing integrated marketing and communications is Audi. Their #solongvampires commercial caught the attention of both vampire fanatics and haters. Their humorous approach in advertising headlights left fans tweeting long after the game. By engaging viewers, Audi increased their social media database, and therefore their fan base. By the final 30 seconds in the 4th quarter Audi was a trending topic on twitter! 


Fans and advertisers have the same concerns: being present in real time conversation. Social media savvy fans took to their laptops, tablets and smart phones during the game casting their votes on the best and worst ads of the Super Bowl. The Mullen Agency in Boston hosts the #brandBowl allowing followers, fans, and critics to vote on their favorite Super Bowl ads. At the end of the game Doritos, H&M and Chrysler were in the top three spots, and there is no wonder why.

Doritos used their classic knack for out of the box humor in this year’s big game ads. 

H&M used the perfectly athletic and slightly tattooed physique of David Beckham to advertise his cheeky new underwear line. 

Chrysler used the masculine rustic voice of Clint Eastwood to brand the “Halftime in America” ad. This bold ad tugs on the heartstrings of Americans while building hope for a booming future. 

Viewers, PR and communications fanatics also jumped on to discuss their opinions of ads with business writers and professionals. The online discussions allow viewers to have a voice and advertisers to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. So we can only hope our votes, promos and reviews help to build bigger, better and more out-of-the-box commercials next year! Maybe they will even keep some secret for the big game.

Some other ads we liked that you might like as well:


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