Highlights of the Biggest Nights in Music and Film

By Shannon Szypko, Chapter Member

On February 12th, I sat down to watch the Grammys like millions of people did around the world. I didn’t need to watch with anyone because I could just log onto Twitter to read people’s reactions to the show. Everyone seemed to be anxiously waiting to hear anything and everything they could about the death of Whitney Houston. Personally, I was just waiting to hear the beautiful sound that came out of Adele’s mouth. I have no problem admitting I am totally and completely obsessed. Number one Adele fan right here, I’ll tell the whole world. I did think everyone else was wonderful, but I’ll just stick to the highlights. I promise not to make it all about Adele.

The show kicked off its all-star line up with the very handsome Bruno Mars. I thought he was hysterical in his gold jacket that matched the rest of his band and dancers. He even had me laughing when he told the crowd to “get off your rich asses.” It’s safe to say I fell in love with him with this single performance. His voice sounded great and his dance moves were flawless. Most of my friends tweeted to him in hopes he would see it and fall in love with them too. The night’s performances were only uphill from there; performers included Chris Brown, Rihanna and Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Nikki Minaj, and many more!

The big winner of the night was Adele, starting off the night with six nominations and ending with six awards, including album of the year. Every time she got on stage to receive an award you could see how genuinely thankful she was, bringing some of her colleagues close to tears. And I can’t possibly talk about Adele without mentioning her performance, for which she received a standing ovation, need I say more. She made it clear that it was going to take more then throat surgery to keep her from doing what she was clearly born to do.

While the performances are the best part of most award shows, one award show that does not need any of that in order to have millions of viewers tuned in is the Oscars. This past Sunday, I along with thousands of viewers around the world took to Twitter to share our thoughts on the night’s highlights.

With no performances taking place, it is up to the host to really capture the viewer’s attention. This year’s host, Billy Crystal, did just that, and people would agree with me. As Jay Leno pointed out outside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Crystal was the guy who changed how the Oscars are hosted. The late night host moved on to say, “He’s the guy that really started this whole thing of putting yourself in the movies…. everybody else has copied it but he’s the guy that really originated it.” Crystal did not disappoint, opening with a montage that featured guests George Clooney and Justin Bieber, and concluded with a song about the nominations for best picture. Overall, he really knocked it out of the park with his hosting duties, but what else would you expect from the nine-time host.

The big winner of the night was The Artist, taking home the Oscar for best picture and actor in a leading role. However, one of the best moments of the Oscars in my opinion, was Octavia Spencer’s acceptance speech for best supporting actress. Personally, I was rooting for her. I watched The Help and she did a superb job in her role as Minny Jackson. Through her emotions she really showed how honored and truly touched she was, as at times it was hard for her to verbally express her thanks.

One aspect that both award shows shared was the time they took to honor Whitney Houston. The Oscars stuck to tradition by including her in the ‘In Memoriam’ montage, which paid tribute to numerous fallen stars; among those stars was also Steve Jobs. The Grammy’s kept their tribute focused solely on Whitney Houston, with Jennifer Hudson singing Houston’s classic “I Will Always Love You.” The words really seemed to speak to everyone during such a tragic time in the music industry. The song itself was so emotional, and you could tell it was hard for Hudson to finish the song. I thought she did a terrific job, and so did everyone else on my Twitter feed.

Overall, both shows were a success based on the response on Twitter. It’s such a change from a few years ago when you had to wait a day or two to see the performances on YouTube, or repeated on TV. Twitter opens up a whole new world and allows for reactions in real-time. I was completely entertained by checking Twitter on my phone and glancing at the trending topics as well as the things people I follow were tweeting. I probably could have gotten away with not watching either of the award shows and still felt as if I was watching by staying on Twitter!


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