How Social Media Can Benefit Travel/Vacationing

By Jane Rizza, Chapter Member

Whether you’re planning to travel the world or just two states over, it can be the most incredible experience. While the actual vacation portion of your trip is the time to relax or explore, it’s the planning of your trip that doesn’t jump out as “fun.” But did you know that there are several travel booking sites that provide with you more than just clicking and choosing hotels and flights?

Through social networking, you are able to better your experience as a traveler. Here are some ways you can make the most of your vacation.

Dopplr: Dopplr, also known as the smart traveler guide, allows you to share personal and business travels plans, find unique tips for cities around the world, and get travel advice from other travelers. Anyone can join this site, so users are given the information on where to go, what to eat, and where to stay from other travelers that have explored that specific place.

Meet & Seat: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has created a Meet & Seat for travelers. If you want to find out what interesting people will be boarding the same flight as you, you can use Meet & Seat to view other passenger’s Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. This way, if you find similarities to you listed in their profiles, you can choose to be seated next to them on the flight. This sets you up with the opportunity for great conversation…and a new Facebook friend.

CouchSurfing: CouchSurfing is perhaps the most interesting site I have heard to look at while planning a trip. What is it? It is a social networking site for travelers that need a place to stay while exploring the world. This is no hotel operation. You find and locate a person and stay with them in their home. There, you will be provided with all sorts of information on the best places to eat and visit. On a tight budget? Then CouchSurfing can be perfect for you. Money is not required to stay with the host, but dinner is a great way to thank them.

Travellution: Travellution is a networking site that allows you to connect with others about similar dream vacations. Here, you can connect, share, and even plan trips with others around the world that want to visit the same places you do. Travellution really opens the door for a great opportunity to travel the places you love, and improve your experience by being side by side with others who love it too.

So, when you’re planning your next big trip, be sure to visit these sites for a beneficial experience!


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