Extermination Of Your Procrastination

By Crystal Villegas

Photo copyright: Articpenguin

Just because a word has the prefix ‘pro’ in it doesn’t always make it a positive point. Procrastination or how college students like to call it, “Let me just check my Facebook real quick”, according to Webster’s dictionary is the act or habit of putting off to a future time; to delay.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, procrastination is an action we are all conscious of when it is happening. It is a voluntary act. When we pick up that television remote and start surfing the channels, it is voluntary. In economic terms, we are deciding that the opportunity cost of us sitting on a couch is greater than starting that 10-page paper that’s due in two days, and we haven’t even wrote our name on the page.


In any profession that you will enter after your college career, time management is a skill that you should have hopefully mastered. As M. Scott Peck, an American psychiatrist and best-selling author, once said, “Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”

So you may ask, ‘Why is it so important to put dominion over my procrastination habit?’ Well ask yourself these questions then. Do you like the luxury of eating whatever food you like? Do you like wearing designer clothes? Do you like hanging out with your friends at your convenience? Well then you should hate procrastination. You know why? Because procrastination is eroding away on your time, and do you know what time is? Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Remember that time is money.” There is no exact formula or series of steps to take in order to stop your procrastination; it’s just like quitting smoking or deciding to loose weight. Take heed of Nike’s slogan and ‘Just do it!’

Maybe reading this isn’t helping you or even motivating you to get off your buttocks, but there is one thing you can be sure of, the moment when you start controlling your time and stop letting it control you, will be the moment you are one step closer to success. You will be one step closer to a stress free life. You will be one step closer to mental, spiritual, and physical freedom.


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