Have No Fear, Glass Door is Here!

By Jennifer Fuller

Another school year has come and gone.  The papers have been submitted and the final tests have been taken.  Now that the school year has come to an end, many students and recent graduates will begin their job search.  Although this process can seem daunting, there are many free tools and resources to help.  One of these tools is Glass Door.

Glass Door is a free online job and career community, which allows users to get an inside look into companies.  The website has four different sections, including jobs, companies and reviews, salaries and interviews.  Each section allows users to view different aspects of a company.  For example, the jobs section allows people to search for local jobs in their field.  Users can also read anonymous reviews of companies under the companies and reviews sections.  The salaries and interviews section provides users with information regarding interview questions and average salaries at companies.  Glass Door does exactly what its name implies: it gives users a clear look inside various companies and careers.

By utilizing these features, people can better determine whether or not they are interested in certain companies and careers.  Glass Door is not only beneficial for the initial stages of a job search.  It can also be very helpful in other stages as well.  For example, people can research previous interview questions at a particular company before an interview.   Glass Door can also be used when negotiating salaries.  Many companies ask potential employees for their desired salary.  This can be a very difficult question to answer.  It is important not to aim too high, nor too low.  By using Glass Door’s salaries and interview section, potential employees can look up average salaries for positions at that company.  Not only will this show that they have done their research, this will also help employees get the best possible offer.

For more information on Glass Door, please visit www.glassdoor.com.

The job search can be a long, frustrating process but it is important to remember that there are many free tools and resources to help you along. Happy job searching!


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