My Last Wish



It seems like every day another social media site comes out that serves a new purpose. There are sites for people who like cats, others for people to find a date and now there is an app to connect over dying wishes. My Last Wish is an iPhone app where people are able to post their final wishes. Now, at first when I heard about this, I thought it sounded very morbid – nothing more than people interacting through their death obsessions. I am happy to say I was wrong.

My Last Wish is really just a bucket list site. People are able to post things that they want to do before they die on a public list. Other members can “a like” the post if they share that dream or “give a five” if they want to connect to that person.  Members are also able to talk to each other and share contact information if they want to. Like most other social media sites, the point of My Last Wish is to have people connect with each other.

This is such an interesting idea. Think about it; most other sites focus on who, what and where you are right now. My Last Wish looks to the future. The older we get, the more our relationships change. When we were children we were friends with people because they lived on our street or played on our basketball team. In college we start forming friendships with people based on where they are going, their future. This is the driving force behind My Last Wish. It is actually very hopeful. Friends made out of motivation and like-minded futures may be the best kind. So if you are ever feeling lonely in your future endeavors, hop onto My Last Wish and you might find people who want the same things as you. 


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