iPhone or Android? — Which do you prefer?



When I needed to replace my Blackberry in the fall of 2010, I opted for an Android device. I am a Verizon customer and they had not added the iPhone to their service yet.  I know many people at that time that also got Android devices and we all seemed to love them for a good six months.  I started having random issues with the phone, but eventually figured I would deal with my phone until I was able to get an upgrade, which wasn’t for more than a year. 

The time to switch to an iPhone came in mid-May when I called Verizon and sweetly begged for an early upgrade.  My camera, alarm, and ringer started becoming temperamental and I was missing calls and texts and the alarm wouldn’t go off in the morning.  The wonderful representative on the other end of the phone put through the early upgrade and a few days later, the iPhone arrived at my door step. 

I initially figured a smartphone was a smartphone, but that is just not the case.  I really like the iPhone.  There are some more apps available for the iPhone that I find useful, I find it easier to read an article from Twitter or Facebook and just go back to my feeds after reading, and I actually find it more user-friendly.  I also love that I can listen to my iTunes music anywhere, which came in handy when the fall semester started.  No more archaic iPod Nano that screams 2006 for me!  I also find Siri to be an incredibly useful tool.  I never really mastered any voice controls on the Android, but Siri makes this easy, particularly when paired with a Bluetooth ear piece and I need to call home while in the car.   

There is a new app for Android called “Robin”, which is supposed to be a Siri competitor.  My husband has an Android device for work, so he tried to use this app to compare the two and Robin lacks quite a bit.  Robin couldn’t find us a local pizza place and couldn’t seem to recognize that we were in Salem, Massachusetts.  She kept trying to send us to Salem, Oregon.  I think the Robin app needs to some work to really be considered a competitor for Siri.

iMessage is also a great feature.  Being able to message any other iPhone/iTouch/iPad user without the texts going against my texting plan is great.  iCloud is also great, as is the “Find My iPhone” app.  I haven’t had to use the “Find My iPhone” app yet, but I know people who have and it’s very convenient.  I also love knowing that if something happens to my phone and it needs to be replaced, as long as it’s synced with iTunes, I can easily get all my apps and music on it.  I can also easily get photos from my iPhone onto my computer.  I never quite figured out how to do that with my Android. 

All in all, I really like the iPhone better.  Do you have an iPhone or an Android device?  Do you have a preference?




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