Job Search Tools to Help Build a Future



The job search can be overwhelming to begin with, and there are so many search and application options that it can be hard to keep track of everything. Luckily, I’ve found some handy tools that help with organization.

I just started using IngBoo and I am amazed at the time it saves. It aggregates listings from several top job search engines and gives you a list from each in one place to browse through as often as you’d like. To create your list, choose a search engine, then enter your chosen zip code and a keyword, and IngBoo provides you with a running list. You can also customize your delivery options by selecting how often you’d like IngBoo to update the list. I created searches for the keyword “public relations” on Monster, Yahoo! Hot Jobs, Craigslist, SimplyHired and CareerBuilder. If you’re interested in more than one industry or job type, you can create a separate search for each. The list of postings is thorough and easy to read, and I love that I don’t have to go to each of these separate websites. The only drawback is that you have to enter a zip code. This limitation could create a problem for someone who is open to moving anywhere after graduation and would like to monitor for job postings throughout the country. I’ve made up for that by picking my top cities and creating a search for each.

JibberJobber is a great complement to search engine activity. The site describes itself as a kind of customer relationship manager for the job search. Similar to LinkedIn, it offers a way to keep track of your contacts. But while LinkedIn only keeps track of connections on its own site, JibberJobber also lets you import your contacts from a business card scanner or your Gmail account and organize them all, kind of like one big spreadsheet. You can then see your contacts displayed in different diagrams and you can even see them displayed on a map. To keep track of job application documents, you can upload and organize all of your resumes, cover letters and reference lists. I think JibberJobber’s best feature is its interview tool. It offers a section for 30 second elevator pitches, “power statements” and interview questions and answers. This means goodbye to the paper flashcards that have been my interview prep tool for years, and that’s exciting. It also offers its own search function, which was not very useful- I typed in “public relations” and got listings for positions completely unrelated to that industry. JibberJobber’s only other drawback is that it doesn’t provide clear instructions for use, so I had to go through some trial and error.

So while finding and applying for jobs can be overwhelming, today’s technology certainly makes staying organized easier than ever before. Happy searching!


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