Add Some Saga to your Daily Routine



It is no secret that there is an app for everything. In fact, there are so many apps for smart phones out there that many people worry about the safety of their personal information. The newest app to launch this discussion is Saga.

The purpose of this app is simple- to switch up your daily routine. Through the sensors in your phone, Saga tracks where you travel, how you get there and even who you are with. You never have to manually put in this information to your phone- the app does it all. Once Saga has determined patterns in your day-to-day activities, it starts to suggest small variations. Instead of stopping at that Dunkin Donuts every morning after you park your car at work, maybe just go around the corner and try that other small coffee house instead.

Saga also takes a unique turn and lets you gain points for doing new or cool things in your real life. Going to play laser tag with friends? Nice job, here are some points. It is yet to be seen what the purpose of these points are, but if nothing else it can serve as a reminder of how cool or uncool you are.

But one question still remains- where is all this information on your daily life going? Who is keeping track of it? And who has access to it? In the constant battle of privacy in this new, continuously connected world, is Saga the next big thing or the next big threat?


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