Oh Snap, Dat’s a Digital Business Card!




As students, our roles are always changing. Take me for example, I currently juggle seven roles. I am a student, dancer, intern, employee, vice president, dance instructor, and of course PRSSA executive board member. With this many roles it’s hard to create one personal brand, and even harder to create a single business card to depict it all. So which do I highlight on my business card? How about all of them!

SnapDat is an app that allows you to create a digital business card for every role. So you’ll never be short of the perfect business card for any networking event. With the SnapDat app I have created three business cards, one to highlight my business concentration, another for my dance background and finally one for PR related events. The best thing about it is that it cost me no money at all.

Free of charge, I got three customized business cards and an easy and hassle free way to share it with any potential employers. I simply tap on the business card I would like to share and select whether I would like to share it with them via email, Facebook or Twitter. My information is then stored in that persons address book, assuring they won’t misplace it. Say bye-bye to ever having to manually enter contact information again.

If you’re worried about privacy, SnapDat prevents others from forwarding your card to someone else. However, you also have the option to designate any of your cards as “public” allowing others to share it as easily as they would share their own.

SnapDat takes a 3.5”x2” piece of paper and turns it into your canvas. Where you are free to express yourself in any way you’d like. Unlike with a regular business card having a video embedded on your card is not out of the question. And you can be as specific as you’d like, knowing that if your roles change next semester you can simply update your card and not be stuck with 250 outdated business cards.

So when your life starts to go down a new path in a year, don’t be stuck with business cards that need updating and no longer fit your personal brand. 


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