Leaving a Legacy




By Carrie Mahoney

September again. Well actually it is the end of September and as a senior I can honestly say there is no moment more unsettling than when you realize you have only one year, two semesters, and approximately 180 days left of school before you head out into the real world.

While it is stressful to think about leaving school, I have been anxious for this day for quite some time. To be honest I was never that gung-ho on college. I saw it was just another training course, four more years of practice and really the obstacle standing between me and my future career. College has been fun but even this summer I was looking ahead towards graduation, toward freedom. And that feeling didn’t dissipate when I received a syllabus from each professor, it only grew. I used to be excited about taking my classes, well my PR classes at least. I actually enjoyed going to listen to my professors and practicing new techniques. But now as a senior it is all about finishing up my minors, and these are not the most stimulating classes either. I really didn’t know how I was going to get through it. Then there was a moment that all changed. I know it sounds corny but as soon as I walked in our first SSU PRSSA chapter meeting I felt relieved; if nothing else I knew that the chapter would be me through this year.

You see the chapter has gotten me through the last two years. Sophomore year wasn’t bad, I took seven classes each semester so I was stressed but everything was still fresh and new so I could handle it. With half of the chapter in my communication classes we breezed through laughing most of the way. Junior year was different. I was still taking seven classes but I was starting to burn out; and starting to lose my passion. But yet again my chapter rallied. They pushed me through all-nighters and carried me past group projects and somehow I managed.

Now, as chapter president, that is my focus. To create a support system that will push each of our members to be better, to make it through the tough spots and come out in the end ready for the professional world. I won’t say that being involved with PRSSA has been stress free. Planning events and trips and organizing meetings and speakers isn’t easy and it has added a lot of pressure. But I can honestly say that whatever I have put into the chapter it has come back to my three times as great. And as I sit here thinking about the amazing members in my chapter I know I will make it through senior year, what I’m not so sure about is how I’m going to leave it when May comes. 


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