The Return of Myspace

It’s safe to say that Myspace is now a thing of the past. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are the latest and greatest of social media these days. However, there has been a buzz about Myspace lately that has threatened to bring it out of the past and into the present. Even celebrities like Justin Timberlake have bought share of the company, and are trying to get the word out there.

Before dismissing the idea of the new Myspace, the teaser video is a must see. I was pleasantly surprised, if not shocked by the transformation. It went from a boring and one-dimensional layout to a stand out, user friendly, sleek new design. Users in this social media run world are always looking for something new, and this layout is sure to turn heads.

The new Myspace looks appealing, but why should users leave their current social media pick and go back in time?


  • Myspace allows you to log in with either Facebook or Twitter, and the user can choose to carry their pictures and information over with them.
  • The new Myspace is more music friendly, you can browse albums, artists and songs.
  • The updated interface is unlike anything we’ve seen in social media, and scrolls from horizontally instead of vertically.

The first thing I thought of was a mix of Pandora, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Since the introduction of Twitter, I think the new users will take to shorter status updates that resemble tweets, and picture uploads like that on Instagram. The fact that users can carry over pictures from Facebook and Twitter makes it that much more tempting.

There are a couple of big questions about the return of Myspace that ultimately are up to the users themselves. Will people be willing to leave Facebook and return back to Myspace? Will the return flop the way the introduction of Google+ did?

I know I’m fed up with Facebook, and I can’t be the only one. The constant changing of design is confusing, and it’s getting boring fast. I know I’ll try out the new and improved Myspace, will you?


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