Fact or Fiction? Smart Phones to the Rescue


Have you watched the latest Presidential debates then walked away wondering who you should believe? I know I have. These debates have been extremely important to me, especially when they get to the topic of education.  As a college student on the go, it’s hard to sit down and research everything that the candidates blurt out. Whether it’s President Obama or Governor Romney, we all know that not everything said is fact, it’s a political tactic. However, there are must have apps for smart phones that will solve this dilemma and help you to figure out which side you might want to vote for.

Politifact Mobile, WP Politics, and Super Pac app are three go to apps for fact- checking, especially for the schedule crammed college student. If you want a specific quote checked, then Politifact and WP Politics are the ones you should download. They both feature a truth-o-meter that helps you decipher between reality and fantasy when it comes to American Politics.  If you are more into the advertisements flashed in front of you on TV and billboards, then Super Pac app should be the next thing downloaded. You’ll be able to identify which party sponsored the ad you saw and understand the messages behind them. Having fun, understanding politics and being a full time student just got easier. Smart phones have come to the rescue once again!

There’s no reason for you not to learn about your candidates and voice your opinion.  Encourage your friends to download these apps and go out and vote on Nov. 6, I’ll be sure to do the same!


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