Relax and Enjoy

By Kelley Flynn, Vice President of Member Services

Heaven on earth

The smell of salty air, sunscreen and barbeque means it’s summer. That’s right, it’s here! Finally after all our hard work and all the snowstorms, it is starting to feel like summer!

However, for most of us, that doesn’t necessarily mean time off. It’s really just a short mental vacation from school work while still working hard at our other jobs. And for all of us taking summer courses, I guess there isn’t really a break. After all, we are college students and we all know that means we never stop.

Regardless it is still summer, and everyone deserves a little break. Whether you go away on a vacation or have yourself a “staycation”, do something for yourself. Try your hardest to relax. Go to the beach or have a cookout. Do something to remind yourself that summer is your reward for all your hard work during the fall, winter, and spring.

We have a tendency to miss the little things in life. We get consumed with work and with responsibilities that could possibly cause us to blow right by our best years. This is the time to try new things and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Read a book, climb a mountain, learn to cook, or spend that much needed time with the family. Whatever it is, enjoy it.

Sitting in the sun and feeling that cool breeze off the water is the best medicine for all of life’s stressors. Keep yourself in mind this summer and take time to relax because before you know it, it’ll be September and we need to be mentally prepared and well rested for what’s to come in the new semester.

Happy Summer Break Everyone!

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One response to “Relax and Enjoy

  1. The rock star students of Salem State’s PRSSA Chapter won a university awar this year for scoring the highest GPA of any of the 65 groups and clubs at the school, have earned a mental vacay.

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