Freshmen, Join PRSSA in September!

By Nick Ziogas, Vice President of Public Relations

Networking, Resume Building, and Meeting Friends


Attention freshmen! Now that summer orientation has passed and many of you have had the chance to meet amazing new friends and learn a little more about Salem State University, it’s time to join groups on campus that will benefit you, your resume, and your college experience. At Salem State University we offer a Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Chapter with a focus on the Public Relations aspect of communications.  Does this mean that only students with a concentration in public relations are allowed to join? Of course not! PRSSA is open to all majors.

Speaking of PRSSA, what exactly is public relations? According to PRSA, the professional organization,  “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” In other words, it’s all about setting the best image possible for a client, business, or celebrity in order to ensure its public audience that the product, person, or brand is the top out of all competing opponents. Everything and everyone deserves a spotlight, and our job in PR is shining that light in the best way possible.

Communications majors with a concentration in public relations, advertising, journalism, or media studies: it’s ideal to join the Chapter because of the numerous benefits each student will receive when becoming a member.

1. Meet several friends that have the same interests as you.

In the communications department, the word “networking” is going to become your best friend. It can be difficult to find a network with friends on a large college campus.  However, PRSSA gives members that opportunity to network and build connections with those who have similar interests.

2. Build your resume through workshops.

Let’s face it: your resume defines who you are.  Most companies focus mainly on what these sheets of paper have to say about you.  It can be nerve-racking describing in words all of the potential and experience you may have.  Do not panic! At PRSSA we hold workshops to help students build their resume so that they are not alone or lost in the process. Remember, we’re here to help you.

3. Work on interviewing skills.

We already know how awesome our Chapter members are and PRSSA wants to make sure that any potential companies know that too! We help students learn interviewing skills.  From what to wear, what type of body language to have, to even what type of questions to ask your interviewer, we want to make sure that you nail that interview.

4. We can help you find internships.

Having experience is a major part in the world of communications, which is why internships are extremely important for everyone.  Of course, they are not all as easy to find. Our executive board members in PRSSA are dedicated to helping provide any and all information on upcoming internships available for students.

5. Interact with public relations students across the country at PRSSA Regional Conference.

Why just network within your own college when you can network with other public relations students across the country? Every year, we make it a wonderful experience for our members to attend the PRSSA Regional Conference where you can meet and connect with students from other colleges across the country who attend as well.  The bigger your circle of connections, the better!

6. Meet professionals in the field and see how they got started.

What better way to understand the career life of PR than to have professionals in the field tell you the raw details? At PRSSA we always make sure we have a handful of informative speakers come in during our meetings to give members a chance to learn more about PR as a career and the steps they took to get where they are today.

7. Become part of a widespread community.

There are many reasons to why students, especially freshman, should join PRSSA.  From learning how to build your resume to better understanding the world of public relations from professionals, the list is endless.  But perhaps the most significant of reasons is the widespread community that you’ll be a part of.  After all, that is what the college experience is all about, right?

Like previously mentioned, PRSSA isn’t just for public relations students. It’s for everyone. Come check out a meeting when school is back in session.  For more information, “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter


One response to “Freshmen, Join PRSSA in September!

  1. Nick – This is SUCH a helpful, on-target post to clarify how PRSSA can benefit students. As for connecting with professionals in the field, you know I know a ton of the them, having been one for decades, myself.
    Dr B

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