It’s almost that time of year again!

By Tathiana Moise, Vice President of Career Services

Summer is winding down and school is right around the corner. As we begin to shift gears from our summer vacation mindset back into academic mode, there are plenty of great ways to plan for a more productive and successful year. Here are a few tips to prepare for the 2013-2014 school year.


1. New students:  

Incoming transfer and freshman students should take some time to get to know Salem State University by attending one of the many summer orientations. It’s important to prepare for the school year by learning about your major requirements, scheduling classes, and of course where the best lunch places are!

2. Check out the library:

As Salem State University continues to make the transition from a college to university, the school has made many additions, including the library. The library is scheduled to open on Sept. 3. For many students, going to the library is a necessary asset so having a more spacious and comfortable place to study and get work done is wonderful. For students who do not normally go to the library, come see the university’s investment in you. The library is a learning facility equipped with everything students need to study and successfully complete their schoolwork.

3. Head to the bookstore:

The bookstore on campus has all the books your teachers recommend for your classes. The bookstore is great for textbooks, but also for many other needs like items for dorm needs, Salem State University clothing, and school supplies like pens, notebooks and binders.

4. Money, Money, Money:

Check in with financial aid and the bursar’s office to confirm everything is set for the fall. Nothing is worse then finding out last minute you can’t attend classes because you have an overdue balance.

5. Class schedule:

Now is the time in the next couple of weeks to ensure that your class schedule is on track. Take time to review your major requirements and take a look back at the classes you have already taken. Some of the professors send emails to students before the semester starts.  Check your Salem State email account. If any of your professors have given you an introduction to their class, take some time to read it and mentally prepare yourself for the semester ahead.

6. Get involved

This year you may have decided to become more involved with the Salem State University community. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to join and take advantage of, including PRSSA. Check out the Salem State website to learn more about the different organizations on campus. There is something for everyone and even if you don’t find a group for you, starting one is always an option.

We all attend college to give ourselves the future we desire. We are all here at Salem State University to make use of our resources and return the university’s investment in our success. Cheers to a new school year, congratulations class of 2014 and welcome class of 2017.

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