Miley Cyrus: PR Crisis or PR Genius?

By Tyavanna Ortiz, Chapter Member

mcMiley Cyrus is either a poor girl who really needs help, or a PR guru who has mastered her trade. Her latest stunts have put her music to the top of the charts and a main trending topic on Twitter. If you type in her name into Google’s search engine, you are flooded with information about her from even before her hit Disney Channel show, “Hannah Montana”.  However, she is far from a Disney star now.   She’s extravagantly racy to the point where you either love her or hate her. We have seen it before with Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Lindsey Lohan, and Christina Aguilera. Child star risqué breakouts are becoming more and more frequent among young celebrities.

It all began with noticeable tattoos in questionable areas.  Soon Miley was strutting down Hollywood Boulevard in a shockingly short platinum blonde haircut.  Her music videos began pushing the comfort level of teenage parents everywhere.  And then, it was the jaw-dropping VMA performance that really set the stage that Miley Cyrus was no longer her trademark television name, Hannah Montana.  But despite how many limits she’s pushing through, one thing is for certain: she has all of us talking! On any social media site, you’re either saying, “What happened to Hannah Montana?” or “Finally, Hannah Montana grew up!” Whatever your judgment on the 20-year-old may be, you are still gossiping, blogging, criticizing, or in her eyes, making her relevant.

Who is to say this wasn’t her intention?

This could all be a ploy to become more famous.

Miley’s record sales have skyrocketed compared to her sales from Hannah Montana. Her VMA performance stirred up plenty of controversy causing her to break the Twitter record with 306,000 tweets per minute.   It’s fair to say that Miley is entering adulthood and she is embracing the person she is becoming.  But it’s also fair to say that she’s using that free publicity to market herself in the mainstream world of pop culture.  Let’s face it; she knows what she’s doing. In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, she gave us a glimpse of what her true intentions are and that is ultimately being happy. When asked if she was surprised about the attention she is getting right now, she replied:

Not really, I mean its kind-of what I want. I’m an artist so I’m hoping I get a little attention, otherwise my record sales might be a little sketch.”

At the end of the day, Miley knows what she’s doing. She and her PR people are working in overdrive, not for crisis but for fame. We knew Hannah Montana back in 2006 when it first aired.  Now it’s 2013 and Miley Cyrus is showing the world that she can and will break out of that Disney Channel image. She knows who her target market is and she is going for them. Her nudity, twerking, provocative lyrics, tongue out and sex appeal is all a tactic. She has now had multiple number 1 hits on the top 100 charts, an MTV documentary, and a performance slot in the VMA’s. Her life is a well-played PR campaign. Miley Cyrus, in my opinion, is a PR genius.

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