The Flappy Bird That Got Away

By Tyavanna Ortiz, Chapter Member

Flappy Bird creator, Don Nguyen, has become the center of attention in the media since his announced decision to remove the popular application from the marketplace.

Tweet from Dong Nguyen flappy bird creator

There is no definitive answer as to why the creator came to his decision to remove the app, and as a result, people have gone mad with their own conclusions.  Whether it was motivated by money, fear, fame, or even desperation is all hearsay, and all we can do is speculate. In my personal opinion, I think he has hit the jackpot with a great marketing scheme.

There has been a lot of gossip around the situation and no one is really sure what exactly happened considering Nguyen is not speaking. He admitted that he “could not take” the attention, including lots of criticism, that the app was receiving. His followings on social media, such as Twitter, catapulted in followers since the release of the app and have increased even more since his plan to take it down. Flappy Bird was in its prime viral state, being ranked one of the most popular apps to download, and to take it out of the marketplace at its highest point seems to have sent some red flags waving.

What could be some of the causes behind his idea other than the obvious one he has declared? Admitting concern for the amount of attention Flappy Bird received is contradictory to the attention he received as soon as he stated he was going to take it down.  Since announcing Flappy Bird’s departure from the marketplace, it has stirred up even more controversy and attention.  Sales of the app in just a few days have even skyrocketed previous to its deletion.


Many viewers have wondered if Nguyen’s choice to take down the app was based on the observation that the app was almost identical to Nintendo’s hit game “Super Mario”.  Could it be that he was scared of possible consequences that could have risen because of the similarities between the two games?

The idea that it is now scarce and hard to find immediately makes people want the no longer available application. He has other apps similar to Flappy Bird, so why not take them all down if you don’t want the attention? If you look on, you will find that phones with the game already installed are now selling at outrageous prices because of the ‘unattainable’ idea. People want what they can’t have especially if its one of the most popular things right now, so it makes you wonder if Nguyen did this because he wanted a lump sum of instant money. He will still be making money off the other apps and the advertisements, so what was the rush in taking this particular one down?

I think he is a marketing genius who has done something that no one else capstone, other than Disney. Disney releases classics from the “Disney Vault” every so often and people run to the stores buying it while supplies last. I know I am a culprit of this when “The Little Mermaid” came out. I went and bought two to be on the safe side, only because of the idea that supplies were limited.

No matter which way you look at the situation, or which side of it you want to believe, Nguyen made an estimated 2+ Million on the sales of Flappy Bird alone. Was this a calculated and strategic method, or was it just a man overwhelmed with what he created? Either way the app has made a huge impact on the gaming world, and its addictive qualities has started a revolution in time killing games. The simple nature of the app gives a lot of wiggle room for future creators, and made Don Nguyen, a 29 year-old marketing genius.

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