CC Chapman’s Guide to Getting Rich in Life

By Nikki Vergakes, Chapter Member

Everyone has their own “best friend in their head.” Before I attended PRSSA Regional conference, mine was easily, actress and comedian, Kathy Griffin. She would have me on her talk show, then we would hit up a Hollywood party and make fun of everyone. And then, of course, have an awkward run-in with Lindsay Lohan. However, now my best friend in my head is CMO of YSN Global, CC Chapman.

CC Champan, picture from

CC Champan, picture from

Chapman was the keynote speaker at the PRSSA Regional conference attended by SSU PRSSA held at Boston University. We had a group challenge where we had to make up a mock marketing campaign for Pepsi and the app “Shazam” for the Super Bowl. The prize was a signed copy of CC Chapman’s book, Amazing Things Will Happen. My group won the challenge, and I just finished reading the book!

Untitled1Before reading this book, I never thought there was another person out there that had a mind like my own. Chapman’s mind is all over the place, however, he’s one of the most successful people I had the pleasure of meeting! He has a passion for many things, but his main passion is for people. Knowing that reassures me that great people are already making marks in the industry we are studying, as public relations enthusiasts, to go into.

His book showed little signs of being a typical self-help book.  Instead within the lines of each page there were nuggets of wisdom necessary for succeeding in life, loving yourself, and loving others. I wanted to share some nuggets of wisdom with you all that I picked up from the book. They really put things into perspective.

“Change is never easy for anyone, but you need to face it to be happy.”

The only constant in life is change. This is so important for everyone to grasp!

“Never forget that we all get the same 24 hours everyday. No one gets any more or less time. It is up to you to do with it what you want.”

Agreed. People put others on such high pedestals, but we all start somewhere, and as Chapman has noted, we all have the same amount of hours per day.

“Rules are like rubber bands.”

Rules are made to be broken. Life can and should be tailored to our success.

“How did I know it was the right time to … [write a book?] [start speaking]…. my answer was always, ‘Because no one told me I couldn’t.'”

Just do it.

“We need to learn how to idle well.”

A lot of people forget this, but it’s so important to unwind. Find an activity that is calming to you and do it at least once a day.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and find this man so inspirational. He put humanity into “success tips.” His book isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, but if you implement these values and tips into your life, your life will become rich in one way or another.

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