Why Denny’s Is Now Tumblr’s 24 Hour Diner

By Dominique Resendes, Chapter Member


One of the comical picures Denny’s uses to grow their audience on Tumblr.

Out of all the social media websites, tumblr is the one where people show their personalities the most. Their blogs can reveal as much or as little about who they actually are so users can post without worrying about parents, or people they went to high school with seeing what they post. Companies have only recently started making Tumblr accounts, because running a successful Tumblr account isn’t as easy as a successful Facebook or Twitter. 

Tumblr is a blogging website, and blogs have to stay personal. For someone to “reblog” a post on Tumblr it has to be something that a user will want to put on his or her blog, it can’t just be a traditional advertisement. (“Reblogging” is basically like sharing on Facebook). However, if you make a post that is successful enough, it can be shared by millions of users. Denny’s Restaurant is a brand that runs a very successful Tumblr. This is, in part, because Tumblr and Denny’s do share a similar audience; teens and young adults. These are the people who have enough time to spend hours on the computer, but not enough money for fine dining. Also, the fact that Denny’s is open 24 hours will attract teens. Tumblr is open 24 hours as well, and that’s how Denny’s became Tumblr’s one-stop 24 hour diner.


Denny’s understands the sarcastic nature of Tumblr. After seeing this post, my automatic reaction was to see if that was Denny’s actual Tumblr because I had never seen a business post something like that. When I found out Denny’s did say that and they did had a Tumblr, it made them stand out to their target audience. Brands connecting with their publics is one of the best ways to bring people in.

The diner’s Tumblr has a perfect balance. They don’t seem like they’re trying too hard to relate to young people, it doesn’t feel unnatural or forced. The gifs that they post on their blog look good enough for someone to want on their own blog, but their product is still being advertised. Their blog seems more like it’s owned by one person who really admires Denny’s than a company trying to advertise their restaurant. I forget that the purpose of their blog is to get people to go to Denny’s, and not just to have a quality blog. 

ImageOne of my favorite pages on the blog is “Denny’s Things” where they parody a popular Tumblr style artwork of a dramatic photograph with some kind of dramatic text in the middle and instead make the dramatic photograph have something to do with Denny’s. They understand the people who are on Tumblr so well, which is why their blog is so successful. I have seen other companies use Tumblr to advertise cars, and movies, and those posts are successful, but not the blogs themselves. When you see Denny’s add something onto a post, or sarcastically answer a message, you have the desire to go onto their blog and look at it, or at least I did.

Public Relations is about knowing your publics. The second that something looks phony or looks like you’re trying too hard there goes your entire campaign. The reason that the workload of PR professionals is not to well known, is that the professional do their job so well that people don’t realize that there’s an outside person making a company’s image. Denny’s is the most successful case of properly knowing your publics, and creating something that gets your customers to genuinely like your business, and gets people talking about it. 


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