Emma Watson Sparks Worldwide Support for Gender Equality #HeForShe

Emma Watson, known for her strong female role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter movie series, is seen as an incredible role model for women of all ages. Watson was recently named the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, and on Sunday Sept. 20, 2014 she launched her HeForShe campaign at the UN. Her powerful speech brought to light the issues of an ongoing social injustice across the world: gender equality. Watson has engaged the inner feminist in many women to come out in support of feminism. What better spokesperson to address this global issue in front of international leaders than Emma Watson?

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.34.10 PM

Emma Watson, a feminist herself, addressed the misconceptions surrounding the idea of feminism. Her speech included many ideas that have been set aside by society, which she eloquently addressed.

Her words were chosen very carefully in order to make the biggest impact on those listening intently. There is no doubt she motivated many of her listeners to take action in the HeForShe campaign. This speech by Watson, has created incredible buzz about the global issue. There is no doubt she motivated many of her listeners to take action in the HeForShe campaign. According to the HeForShe website there has been over 135,000 men to sign up in support of gender equality around the world.

A truly powerful and intelligent young woman at the age of 24, Emma Watson has made an insurmountable impact on women and children of all ages, and now is targeting the male population in hopes of sparking a worldwide revolution for feminism. Watson asked men at the United Nations to voice their support for feminism to reflect the movement as non-“man-hating”. The HeForShe campaign has set their goal at no less than 100,000 men to pledge their commitment to ending the global issue of gender inequality, and according to the HeForShe website, over 135,000 men have already signed up.

How many times have you heard somebody refer to feminism as something negative? How many times have you heard somebody refer to feminism as man-hating? How many times have you witnessed someone being shunned because they had feministic values? Feminism is not only about women’s rights, but also about human rights. Feminism is about women having the same opportunities as men. Feminism is a commitment to fight the traditional gender roles, stand up for individualism and for everyone to have the same opportunity and acceptance regardless of gender. Feminism isn’t only the issue of women not having the same opportunities as men, but also includes gender stereotype issues like men being incapable of expressing feelings because of the scrutiny they will face.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 3.34.18 PMHow has feminism gone from motivating women to take the streets in the 20th century, to having such a negative connotation in the 21st century? Women, who should be supporting other women, choose not to identify as feminists because of the negative connotations behind this concept. As a strong supporter of human rights and equality for all, I have faced many people who say things like “well, you’re not a feminist are you?” as if this is the worst thing I could be. Watson’s speech before such an influential room of world leaders has sparked a new conversation. Hopefully Watson’s speech will move people around the world to take action and change public opinion in support of feminism. For more information on the HeForShe campaign you can visit their website: http://www.heforshe.org/








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