The Secret Service Lives Up to Their Name

By Dominique Resendes, Chapter Member

Omar Gonzalez, accused of jumping the White House Fence

Omar Gonzalez, accused of jumping the White House Fence

The Secret Service’s main goal is to keep the president safe. So, who’s to blame when Omar Gonzalez, 41, made it into the white house, with a knife?  The people protecting the president should also be protecting the white house from intruders with weapons.

To defend her and the Secret Service, Director Julia Pierson, states the obvious by saying, “It’s clear that our security plan was not properly executed.” This scandal lead to Pierson resigning. Whether it’s for the sake of good public relations or it’s in order to be done with the scrutiny is unclear. Pierson was, ironically enough, made director to help out with yet another Secret Service scandal happening at that time, the Colombian prostitute scandal. Although more and more information has been circulating, including additional security tapes, and people claiming Gonzalez had gotten further than the Secret Service had let on, none of this information came straight from the Secret Service. Things tend to get tricky when you leave news outlets, who profit from more scandalous news, to be the main source of information.


Juliana Pierson, former director of the Secret Service, getting sworn into her position by Obama and Joe Biden.

As a public relations professional, you want to make sure the news comes from you first, so you have a little more control of what’s going on. No statement was made by the secret service; however a spokesperson for the White House held a press conference, imploring the Secret Service to release the findings of their internal investigation. Even if they do release their findings, the media got to it first, so the public has already formed their own opinions about the situation. That being said, you want to make sure all of the information is being told, and being told truthfully. Every time something that you left out becomes uncovered by someone else, you lose more and more trust by your public, even if it isn’t that bad, the fact that you hid it makes it worse.

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