What’s New In Digital Media for 2015

By Managing Editor, Nikki Vergakes

As us PR gurus in the classroom and the industry knows, Public Relations, Marketing, and Digital Media are crossing their Ven Diagram into one circle day by day. As a student browsing jobs and internships, I find myself becoming more interested in jobs called “social media manager”, “digital marketing strategist”, and “graphic designer” as opposed to account executive or staff writer. Don’t worry, this post isn’t (all) about my mid-college crisis, it’s about the importance of digital media trends for 2015. In our field, it’s becoming just as imperative to know these trends as it is to know the latest news stories.

New year, new trends, right? This statement isn’t just true for fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture. This also relates to the tools we will be using in our future careers. Here are three trends in digital media for 2015:

1. We’ve Got the Whole World in our Hands square-newimage

Click, swipe, tap, slide to unlock. We can talk to friends, play games, write essays, edit selfies, and now even pay for purchases now on our mobile devices. Why would we want to use anything else? 65% of the 91% of adults that have cell phones are smartphone users (Pewinternet.org). Going mobile is the new go-to in 2015 – for everything. Paying on the go is also a huge trend – whether it’s rewards or gift cards on apps, or swiping your card through a device on an iPhone like shown to the left.

2. Content is KingContent-Marketing

In a kingdom of digital and social media, content is the king that rules all.

Now that these message through ads, email marketing, blogs, and more are constantly in consumers’ face, they want to be entertained. Content must be pretty, enticing, and interesting. Just like PR are storytellers, content creators must be, too.

3. We’ve Got the Power

We live in a free country, a democracy. It seems this democracy has crossed the wire into the internet. It’s all about what the people (the consumers) want. Sometimes, what we want is what we make. Consumers would rather see user-generated material through a go-pro camera than an actual advertisement sometimes. It’s a social economy.






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