The Sweetquel To The Revolutionary War: Why Can’t The U.S. and the U.K. Get Along?

By Brie Christian, Chapter Member

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, grocery and convenience stores have already started stocking up cupid-shaped decorations and holiday themed cards. However, a pretty display doesn’t solely ensue the excitement, it’s the big bags of candy that mostly everyone craves. Chocolate is the perfect gift for your other half, or it can make someone’s day who doesn’t have a valentine. For most holidays, we have been accommodated with these confectionaries from the candy bigwig Mars and Hershey (HSY). Starting this season, however, we may no longer see some of our favorite treats on the shelves of these grocery or connivence stores. Coming to effect now, Hershey made a lawsuit on Cadbury (CBY), the largest chocolate brand in the U.K., threatening the importation of British chocolates to the U.S.

cadbury-egg1To further fuel the fire of the dispute, Hershey spokesperson Jeff Beckman, had stated that L.B.B Imports (Cadbury’s main importing partner), was importing products from the U.K. that weren’t meant to be sold in the U.S. This had infringed on Hershey’s trademark, and in return, Cadbury’s image in America was supposedly hurt. Because Hershey has a licensing agreement to market products made in the United States under the Cadbury name, Hershey can make an American version of the world-famous Cadbury chocolate.

Many chocolate lovers agree that British-manufactured chocolate tastes better than the American-made chocolate. Given that British made chocolate has a higher fat content in milk to richen the taste, American chocolatiers like Hershey, use less fat but more preservatives to make their products last. The original creme-filled Cadbury eggs, Maltesers, British Kit-Kat Bars, Rolos, Yorkie chocolate bars and Toffee Crisps are some of what we may see disappear from the shelves. What will Easter be without creme-filled eggs?


With the idea of Hershey manufacturing an American version of Cadbury chocolate, fans are outraged. Not only are Cadbury lovers expressing their opinions on Facebook, but also on Twitter, a hashtag, #boycothersey, has been created in revolt against the ban. Another hashtag that has risen is #hersheygate, similar to #deflategate that has been in the news recently. With this being said, all other British treats may eventually disappear altogether from American shelves.

Questions arise as to what will come of this void. Is it true that British manufactured chocolate, like Cadbury, is of better quality than American-made chocolate? What happens to our favorite Hershey’s candies if a majority of the nation boycotts them?


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Creative Commons Photos

Cadbury Egg

Cadbury Chocolate Squares


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