By Rajira Hernandez, Chapter Member

EP-303189625It seems we always write about Starbucks and the great new things they’re doing on this blog. Can you blame us? We’re caffeine-addicted college students. They’re up to something else we want to clue you in on.

If you are a Starbucks lover, I am sure you have downloaded or have at least heard of their app. Recently, they updated this app to make it more interactive and easier for customers to make their desired purchases. The main new feature in the update is the new personal dashboard, where you can:

  • View and manage money on Starbucks gift cards
  • Access your card to pay by a simple shake of the phone
  • Track earned rewards
  • Listen to free songs and apps from “Pick of the Week”
  • Leave tips for a barista
  • Browse popular menu items
  • Send gifts, and more


These are only some of the many new and cool features included in the update. Some of the rewards that are available to earn when becoming a member of “My Starbucks Rewards” are free drinks or foods, custom offers on items you enjoy the most, and early access to  new products. Consumers are able to interact more with the company when looking through the popular menus, leaving tips to favorite baristas and sending cyber gift cards through the app to their closest friends.

Also included in the new app is the GPS service where you can locate the nearest participating Starbucks in order to get your fix. Even with all the cool features brought to Starbucks’ consumers by the update, though, it seems that not many are fond of it.


When looking through the app’s reviews, there were a few negative senitments about the update. Many do not like the fact that GPS location services must be on all the time because it causes battery drainage. It also seems that many are having trouble with having their account information transferred into the updated app. Some can no longer see the money they have transferred into their Starbucks Cards, which is resorting to them having to physically use their cards rather than using the update.

Does Starbucks have a great money-making deal here, or is this all a failure? Personally, I believe this could be a great moneymaking deal for the company as long as they fix these small details getting in the way of the ultimately successful app. What is your opinion on it?


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