MBTA Offers A Free Ride


This winter was Boston’s snowiest winter, a winter that’s effect was felt by everyone. With the snow leaving many trains out of service Bostonians were not too pleased with their transportation system this winter, understandably. The MBTA responded by making all of their transportation including commuter rails, ferries and trains free on Friday, April 24: earth day. The T is not the only deal of the day. They also teamed up with brands and organizations like Dunkin’ Donuts (who will be providing a free donut), Museum of Fine Arts and the Franklin Zoo who will also provide deals and discounts of their own. All of these deals almost make us forget how horrible the winter was… almost.


This discounted rate is going to cost the MBTA 5 million dollars in lost revenue, which seems counter-intuitive if you look at it from a simply business perspective. However, looking at it through public relations eyes it makes a lot more sense. You have to lose some to gain some.

Public relations is about more than making money, the foundation of it is about maintaining relationships and being attentive to what people want. People felt that they deserved some type of reconciliation from the winter, and if the MBTA decided to just continue on without doing anything they would be ignoring the public, which would make them lose a lot more than 5 million in the long run.  Not to mention, it opens Boston up to a lot of people who simply don’t feel like spending a lot of money to get into the city (especially if you take the commuter rail.)  Overall, good PR move on your part, Boston.


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