President Obama Goes Social

By Chapter President: Karoline Etter

Social media rules our lives as college students, especially in the communications field. Being the social media addicts we are, you can only imagine our astonishment when we got the notification that everyone was following @POTUS on Twitter. President Barack Obama sent out his first tweet on Monday, May 18th and immediately grabbed attention of the nation. In the first week he has gained over two million followers. Big shocker right?


Obama jokes about finally being allowed to have a personal account that he runs himself. However, he is committed to making his administration the most open thus far. The President of the United States has always been a powerful, authoritative figure almost unreachable by everyday citizens, and with this personal account Obama is changing that. His new account gives everyone a chance to voice his or her opinion to him directly – a new concept for Americans.

potus2Barack Obama is making changes in the White House administration. In the past couple months we have seen a completely new side to our President. The White House Correspondents Dinner was incredibly different than previous years as the President invited Luther, his anger translator, to join him in his speech, which was then followed by Saturday Night Live comedian Cecily Strong as the dinner’s celebrity guest. Strong brought about extremely controversial, yet truthful statements about our government while making some of our country’s most powerful people cackle in their seats. Although, they seemed to only laugh once they saw that someone more powerful than them was laughing, as Cecily Strong pointed out.

President Obama is arguably the most powerful man in the world and has made himself available on social media. Creating this account has made him more personable and somewhat less intimidating in a sense, transforming the way our leaders communicate with us.

So far, he has followed his favorite sports teams, various politicians and former presidents, colleges and universities, government agencies and of course the flawless first lady, who runs the other major White House account, @FLOTUS. The two have been exchanging witty tweets ever since. Even BuzzFeed is getting in on it (of course).


Watch Cecily Strong’s speech at the White House Correspondents dinner at:

Check out Luther, Obama’s anger translator at:


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