YouTube Superstar or PR Nightmare?

By Karoline Etter, Chapter President

Growing up in an always connected, social-focused world, YouTube has become a source for entertainment as well as a way to connect with complete strangers through videos. Video bloggers (vloggers) make up a huge population of the Internet and can have a major impact on society. There are many vloggers whom millennials look up to and turn to for advice and insights. Among these vloggers are YouTube superstars like Jenna Marbles, Dave Days and Miranda Sings.

Nicole Arbour is a YouTube comedian and recording artist who makes weekly videos on varying topics. With over 200,000 subscribers, she has a pretty big impact on her viewers’ outlook. Her “Dear Fat People” video has sparked serious outrage across the Internet. This video went viral over the course of a weekend with people sharing for both agreement and astonishment. She makes claims throughout the video that fat-shaming isn’t real, and highlights that she is not talking about those who have a medical condition that causes their obesity. Considering the criticism the video has received, it’s surprising how many “Likes” the video has.

nicole arbour

Fellow YouTubers have fought back against the heinous claims Nicole makes in her video with video responses such as this one. Whitney Way Thore is a part of TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” and an advocate for the No Body Shame Campaign. Many response videos criticize her on the fact that you can’t tell by looking at a person that they have a medical condition, or see what they are going through.

fat lady in response to nicole arbour

What a PR nightmare for a comedian. That being said, does she even realize she is destroying her image? This was the first I had ever heard of her and I do realize she is a comedian, but even so, you have to be careful of what you say and keep your audience in mind. As a social society, we love our YouTube stars. We go to them for entertainment, advice and insights. I’m sure many girls out there actually look up to her as a role model, as an image to compare themselves to. Her channel is not 18+ only and if she is sharing these opinions with a young demographic, she is influencing their views of the world.

There are many out there who find her inspiring and insightful as well as those who find her to be offensive and ignorant. Her Twitter is full of both sides of the spectrum. Arbour has not released a response video to any of the backlash she has received. However, she has been responding to both hateful and boastful tweets to her in regards to “Dear Fat People”.

I wouldn’t let you leave here feeling outrage over this video so here is a feel-good parting video for self-love! Let me know what you think about Arbour’s video in the comments below!


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