Bringing it Back with the Splat

By Jon Carey, Chapter Member


Do you remember the days when Tommy Pickles unlocked the playpen to go on an adventure with his gang? Those angry beavers Daggett and Norbert living in the forest?  When you cheered for your favorite team retrieving the hidden artifact during The Temple Run?  Nickelodeon had its highest ratings when these famous programs premiered during the 1990s; so high that the line-up is returning to television.

Nickelodeon’s The Splat premiered on October 5th for TeenNick.  The Splat features an 8-hour block of the most popular shows stemming from the 90s.  Viewers can enjoy favorites such as Rugrats, CatDog, Hey, Arnold!  Are You Afraid of the Dark? All That, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and many other timeless programs.

legends of the hidden temple

We have been thrown in this nostalgic rumor mill about Nickelodeon’s strategy of answering those 90s kids.  Jimmy Fallon jumped in on the fun with a Good Burger 20th reunion skit airing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon featuring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.  Kel reprised his role as dimwitted employee, Ed, with Kenan as regular customer Lester Oaks.  An All That reunion sketch was just a tease of what Nickelodeon has planned for the audience.

good burger

After Nickelodeon canceled many ageless series, they listened to the Millennials about what made them so popular.  Senior vice president and general manager Keith Dawkins said, “We were the only brand speaking to them in a unique way, and now that generation are twentysomethings and older and they’re working and they long for those shows that take them back to that time when their worlds weren’t overrun with adult problems”.  We left our couches to go forward in life, yet we yearn for those simpler childhood times.  Watching our classic childhood favorites will remind us of the days when we did not have computers in our back pockets.

Nostalgia is a way we cope with our most difficult times.  Even when the hand of time continues to push forward, we dig into the past to remind ourselves of where we started.  Nickelodeon successfully answered their audience, taking us back to a time where we dreamed of becoming a contestant on Global Guts to scale the Agro Crag.  After a hard day at the office, we deserve some time go back to our roots.


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