Campaign like you date and maybe you’ll get lucky

By Dominique Resendes, VP of Member Services

  1. Do your research beforehand





Now, replace the word creep with the word research. Research your audience, knowing what they like or dislike will help you create a campaign that keeps them fully engaged. Do some secondary research—look at analytics, visit PEW or, even better, do some of your own research– if you know people in that specific audience, then talk to them directly, even hold focus groups.

  1. Make them feel special



This may be your fourth date this week, but you still make sure the person you’re seeing feels just as important as the first one. Even if they know you’re seeing other people, for that dinner, or movie, or whatever activity you decide to do, they’ll feel like they are the only one.

In PR, this translates to creating a campaign that can be personalized as much as possible. One great example of this is Spotify’s discover weekly playlist—even though we all know everyone uses Spotify, when we get our weekly discover playlist customized made with new music we actually like, we feel special, which makes us want to use Spotify even more.

  1. Even if you are great, no one wants to hear about it



We’ve all been there– our date won’t shut up about how great they are and you end up waiting for food or anything that can fill their mouth to put an end to the horrible one-way conversation. All of the great things they’ve done are really interesting, but it would be even more impressive if it were brought up in a really awesome two-way conversation.

If your campaign simply focuses on how great your organization is, you’ll lose your audience. People want to be engaged with— let people figure out how great you are on their own. This will end up making a long-lasting impression that will come off as more genuine. Look at KIND, instead of telling people about how one of their objectives as an organizations is to promote kindness, they launched their #kindawesome campaign. When you see someone doing something that is kind, you give them a #kindawesome card that they then can redeem for a KIND bar and another card so they can pay it forward. This is a way for us to see KIND as an organization with a strong social mission, without anyone directly telling us that.

  1. Maintain contact



A lot of times, the first date is just about getting to know someone—follow up is sometimes the most important part. This is when you need to learn the balance between losing their interest and becoming overbearing. Don’t create a dead-end campaign. Make sure there is an opportunity for people to engage with you afterwards, whether it’s tracking a hashtag or sending follow-up emails. The trick, however, is making sure you aren’t smothering people with your brand. Maintaining contact goes back to making your audience feel special—keeping up with them after the campaign shows that you’re still there and you care.


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