Don’t Blink

By Gerry Fallon

It’s an exciting time to be a blink-182 fan. Over the last month or so, the band has been flooding the internet on their personal accounts and their official band account with snippets of them working on their latest album; and their fans are very excited. You could say that they’re “feeling this.”

So why is this such a big deal? Let’s back track a bit. In January of last year, it was announced on Monday, January 25th that former Blink guitarist/vocalist Tom Delonge left the band. Then things got very ugly. What followed was a Rolling Stone interview featuring the band’s other members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker.


According to the two, Delonge had been holding out on his bandmates since 2013 and refused to work on any new material giving various excuses, including it’s lack of a record deal. Hoppus said that the band signed a new record deal on Christmas Eve of 2014 for the purposes of recording new material and agreed to enter the studio January 5th the following year. It seemed that the band was finally going to start their latest project until Delonge’s manager sent an email to Hoppus and Barker stating that Tom wanted to leave the band.

What followed was an ugly war of words, between Delonge and his former bandmates, with both sides taking ugly shots on social media and in the press. This left fans wondering if Blink was done for good. Then, Blink announced that Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba will be replacing Delonge. They have even gone on to play several shows in March, just two months after Delonge’s departure, leaving fans hopeful about the band’s future.


Now in 2016, Blink has been teasing their fans all over their social media accounts. Travis Barker has released clips of him working on drum tracks. Mark Hoppus has released snaps of him working in the studio. We have also seen newbie Matt Skiba lay down some pretty sick vocals. The band has even shown group photos smiling for the camera in the studio with producer John Feldmann, building anticipation for an upcoming release of new material.

So why is this so important? It’s pretty obvious that fans have been let down for quite some time, with bandmates covering up Delonge’s lack of enthusiasm stating that they would be working on material in the near future. That says a lot, considering the lack of new Blink material in the last few years. With the exception to the “Dogs Eating Dogs” EP in 2012, Blink has not released any new material since their 2011 album “Neighborhoods”.

With that said, it is very clear that Blink is aware that their image needs to be reconstructed. Blink acknowledges that their name has been somewhat damaged by last year’s feud and the prior letdowns. They also want their fans to know that they have been working on material that fans can get excited about. Thus, the crappy punk rockers from southern California (and now Chicago) are using their social media outlets to help generate buzz about their new material. Making their new album one of the most anticipated releases in 2016.

So what do you think? Do you think this is a good strategy to help generate buzz about their new project? Are you excited like I am? Let me know below!


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