#Goals or #Garble?

By Amanda Hayes, Managing Editor

In today’s world where society judges appearance through “likes” and “favorites” it becomes complicated to see past the clutter of pressure that social media imposes on the younger generations. As social media junkies constantly refresh their news feed to see the newest trends, it’s important to take the time to understand what these “goals” are, and if they are always inspirational and realistic for all demographics. As summer approaches, posts circulate with pictures of the “perfect” body which sets high and unrealistic standards for young adults.


With this constant influx of information of ways to get the “perfect beach body” it’s hard to be comfortable in your own skin. When Twitter uses hash tags of goals for bodies, it forces our society to set one body type to be the only one that is acceptable that is what we need to achieve in order to be happy. Every body type is different, beautiful and always beach-ready.


Although some celebrities contribute to these misconceptions, there are many stars using social media for the greater good. In recent news, Amy Schumer gave a heartfelt interview in the Today Show with her struggles with body shame. Schumer states ““It’s been a struggle for me my whole life, especially just being in the entertainment industry, standing on a stage in front of people.” This received a widely compassionate response and even led to a fan comparing her in her nude photo shoot to a Greek goddess. This shows how perceptions of beauty are constantly changing and how every body type is beautiful.

The pop sensation Demi Lovato is also well-known for promoting how important it is to display that every body type is beautiful. Demi Lovato has been known to be open about her struggles with eating disorders and depression in the past, allowing her fans to connect with her on a personal level. Lovato took to her Instagram to open up about her own struggles and finally coming to terms with loving herself by comparing her pictures from various VMA performances. Lovato states ““It TRULY just goes to show you that your perceptions can lie to you,” she continued. “OR they can make you learn to enjoy life.”


Social media is a staple of our culture that can lead to pressures for young girls as they struggle to achieve unattainable goals. Although it is important to focus on health, it is also important to realize that every body type is different which has different sets of goals. Celebrities that use social media to help promote body acceptance are the #goal ideals that our society needs to embrace.


One response to “#Goals or #Garble?

  1. Amada pushes back against the overwhelming and distressing and crazy-making emphasis on bodybodybody, which generates self-hatred, and the anorexia, bulimia, cutting, drugging — all the miserable self-inflicted punishments that are the consequences of the trivializing lunacy of celebrity-worshipping culture.

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