The Bell Ringer Experience


By: Kristen Pustizzi

The night we were all finally waiting for has come. The Bell Ringer Awards Night sponsored by the Publicity Club of New England. This award night is for any public relations firms, departments and any students that want to enter, which had us in for a tough competition! It was time to see if our thoughts on changing the conversation about veterans would have any impact.Our team entered the competition with a campaign to change the conversation about veterans from “the broken veteran” to the realities of the all their accomplishments.We knew going into it that regardless, if we won or not, this particular  topic needed awareness brought upon it.

This year’s venue being at the House of Blues, I boarded the train into Boston meeting up with my professor/advisor and teammates; Shannon Gallagher, Mark Casella , Gerald Fallon and Dr. Robert Brown and was excited to arrive. This was the team’s first time attending this event.  We had the best of luck having our advisor also be a judge for the Bell Ringer Awards and with his guidance keeping us on track we felt confident walking into the House of Blues that night.

Here is the recap: the Bell Ringer Awards happened  June 9,2016. When we entered we were given name tags along with getting our picture taken which was displayed on a slideshow with all the other firms. This gave us a sense of pride that what we are doing really can have a impact. We attended a networking event being able to meet and learn about all the possibilities with public relations firms n the New England area.

As we watched every category of winners receive their awards and get their pictures taken, we were treated to food and beverages throughout the night. The networking portion of the event was worthwhile as each of my teammates and I  went around to different firms congratulating them on their wins and making those connections that could lead to internships with the potential of full-time jobs.

So you may be wondering if we won in our category. Although we did not win, we walked away with many opportunities to continue our journey into the wonderful world of public relations. The whole experience of making our own case and have it be judged by people that are already in the field was absolutely amazing.

The moral of this blog post being, when you are offered an opportunity to gain experience in something you love, go for it, don’t look back, and enjoy the ride to wherever you end up going.  Hey– be like both Shannon Gallagher’s below. The one you know and Shannon Gallagher the Account Executive for Bullhorn.


We all had a blast and cant wait to continue going to events that Publicity Club of New England hosts. We are entirely grateful for all the support this organization gave us!


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