Tic-Tac Total Social Media Domination

By Nikki Vergakes, Chapter President

Lightning delays are usually spent in boredom hoping that the inclement weather doesn’t ruin the game. What else is there to do during that time than to twiddle your thumbs and grab another beer? The social media teams for the Carolina Panthers knew exactly what to do: challenge the Tennessee Titans to a game of twitter tic-tac-toe!
On Saturday, August 20th, during the lightning delay for the Panthers vs. Titans preseason game near Nashville. During these delays that can last for hours, there isn’t much to do. The social media team for the Carolina Panthers broke through the overly cute, sometimes in-genuine social media posts from brands and teams on the internet to challenge the Tennessee Titans to a favorite childhood game.

nikki 1

The game that used to entertain us at family dinners and school recess was played back and forth between the two teams’ twitter accounts on Saturday. The next team would make a move by photo shopping their logo in the space they wanted to make their move in.

They tracked some of their tweets with the hashtag #RainDelayFun. The game was intense, it was also as intense as the football itself. However, as quickly as this tic tac toe game picked up, the football did as well.

nikki 4

We may never know who won this intense battle, but we do know who won the interactive marketing award for the day – the Carolina Panthers social media team.

Not only was this social media fun interactive for the teams, but it was also interactive for the fans. They could cheer on the teams for something off of the field and on-screen. It showed the team’s personality. In the midst of an a violent, high-stakes game, fans were reminded of something from their childhood that taught us to love competition. It’s the game that we loved before the game we loved football.

At the end of the day, both teams gained trust, presence, and interest on social media as well as showing transparency. In a world where rivalries in major league sports are bloodbaths, this nonsensical fun is refreshing for fans. They also taught us some trivia while they were at it.

nikki 5


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